Call it a timely message, yes, it could pass for that, call it a perception shifter and it will equally fit that description perfectly too. So why come up with a phrase like, “The Average Misconception”?

Usually, when a phrase of this nature forms in my mind, is as a result of a long held thought that has been refined by the process of observation, time and pondering.
The word average only exist by definition as a mathematical or statistic expression for finding the common occurrence or denominator of several numbers.
Hence its common use in test scores as a measure of performance during an examination. To progress this line of thought further, it’s important to note that this was championed during the industrial revolution where in many assembly lines and factories, human resource management pioneers begun to use statistics as a form of rating people’s performance and soon words average, above average, and below average were introduced and woven into the daily vocabulary of our society.
Our first myth buster, you’re not a mathematical expression or statistic and secondly there’s no way to measure human potential as it’s infinite by nature and even the most used brains left a vast majority of their other abilities untapped. Although it’s open to debate, it’s said that Einstein with all his accomplishments only used a small percentage of his brain.
Did you catch that, only small percent of Einstein’s entire brain power was utilize before his death, wow, you have greatness within you, you have untapped abilities that you don’t even know of.
Now let’s consider some of the things society calls average, for instance someone of 5 feet height will be termed as an average height, mmm yeah, just because a series of heights were taken and the most occurrence is 5 feet. So this may be true for the height of a person but not true their potential.
Average student, just because a series of exams scores are cumulated and divided, ok, the problem may not necessary be how we find these numbers, present and how we want them to make sense to us. Again this is far from the true measure of a person’s potential or abilities.
So the problem lies in it becoming the lenses through which people see themselves and the rest of their lives, and the worst part is that society has over time developed a negative connotation with the word average.
Contrary to popular belief that many suicides happen around the holiday season year (December and January), it has been debunked by many research that proves that suicide rates are rather low around the holiday season. Spring time which is the season of renewal or rebirth that has been recorded as the highest time of the year. And do you want to know the most occurring reason why? It’s linked to unfulfilled dreams or goals.
So how does this tie in to The Average Misconception? Again it’s well researched that apart from genetics, mental illness and psychological problems, the last category are people who feel unloved, unworthy, unfulfilled dreams. That is to say they saw themselves as average, can you imagine that just a word can terminate a whole human life and all of its untapped potential.
It’s time to change this, it’s time to remove these restrictions just this word has placed on many lives. Average is a misconception because what society calls average is actually a great blessing in disguise.
As many evaluate the previous year and prepare for the new year, you may hear the saying “I didn’t build a new house or buy a house, I didn’t buy a new car or don’t own a car, I didn’t get that new job, I didn’t get promoted, my finances didn’t improve” it’s very tempting to say it has not been a good year, it’s very tempting to label yourself as average.
For someone that has been called an average student but you made it all through your educational pursuit, you say average health which means only a few visits or no hospital through the year, average in terms of wealth but have own house or can afford to rent, puts food on the table, have a car at most, you’re able to meet your recurring living expenses, credit cards paid off, little or no debt and the list goes on.
Wow how is that for average? Isn’t that a true blessing of really living? Now that we have got that out of the way, you must appreciate the bless life that you have and know that you’re in well favored position to becoming great, more wealthy, more blessed, highly blessed and living a full fulfilled life.
So next time someone sizes you up as average, let them know that you’re a blessed life.
I will close up with this quote, “In your quest for the best, do not destroy the good you already have.” JC Mantey


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