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Story Behind the Song
I was invited by my brother in the Lord and ministry Evangelist John Sena during his Jesus Revival America campaigns.
It was the turn of New York and the tri-state area to experience this burning message that has been placed on the heart of our brother by God.
That night before the campaign it had rained and the turn out to was poor, however, the few that we gathered were hungry to experience more of God.
By the time the meeting was over everyone present understood it was never about a crowd showing up but that God was interested in the remnant who came to seek and to know him.
During the prayer session, I heard someone use the words “Lord we need your manifest presence in this place,” being a student of the Spirit, I quickly pulled out my phone and scribbled it in my notes.
I may have not appeared spiritual in the middle of a serious prayer meeting to be typing on my phone, it may have even appeared as though I was texting but I was just capturing a moment I knew could only have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.
I took those words back into my writing nursery, begun to ponder over it and even added that line to my own prayers.
Over the course of a few months the song “Revival Fire” was birthed, however I would latter change the title to “Send Revival” to reflect the atmosphere and intercessory prayers offered up for this generation and the many generations ahead.
King David in Psalm 23:3 prayed a similar prayer, “Restore our souls oh Lord, guide us in the paths of righteousness for your name sake.”
Also, in Psalm 51:7-12 “Purify us with hyssop, and we shall be clean; Wash us, and we shall be whiter than snow.
Blot out all our iniquities. Make us to hear joy and gladness.”
Likewise the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 17:14 “Heal us, O LORD, and we will be healed; Save us and we will be saved, For You are our praise.”
I pray this will spark the need to keep interceding for our generation and the one’s yet unborn, may this bring about a Worldwide revival, revival to Nations, communities, churches, families and our individual lives In Jesus Mighty Name!

I dedicate this song, to honor everyone working on the mission fields fulfilling Matthew 6:33


:: Send Revival Lyrics by Jesse Crosby Mantey ::
(Psalm 23:3, Jeremiah 17:14, Psalm 51:7-12)

Verse 1
Lord we need your manifest presence in this place
We calling on you who made the earth and the heavens
Show yourself! Show yourself!
Lord to us this generation

Verse 2
Lord we need revival fire all across this land
Hear the cry of worship rising, rising up to you
Show yourself! Show yourself!
Lord to us this generation

Chorus (Repeat)
Revive us Lord with your spirit
Once more
How our souls longs after you

Bridge (Repeat)
Lord in this dry and thirsty land
We crying out to you
Our spirits longing for more of your rain
Revive us again

Send us your revival
oh! oh! oh!
Lord we need revival
oh! oh! oh!
We praying for revival
oh! oh! oh!
Send revival rain upon our land – 2x

Our spirits longing for more of rain
Revive us again 2x

Send us your revival
oh! oh! oh!
Lord we need revival
oh! oh! oh!
We praying for revival
oh! oh! oh!
Send revival rain upon our land


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