Seeing a lot of news feeds about you all day long over social media today made me wondered what was going on with Uncle Danny. My first reaction was, may be he’s launching a new album or some big concert or some next big thing for the Kingdom. Instead it was the next big lost to the commanding wing of God’s army  right here on the battle field of life.

I first met you in person at your hugely successful annual gospel music event “Coca Cola Presents Christmas with Danny Nettey and Friends” at Mensvic Grand Hotel at East Legon, Ghana in 2009.
Prior to that, I have always been at all your events, sometimes being that guy in the back that no one knows of and other times being that guy in the front row trying to catch a better glimpse of every motion, word and anointing lol.

For me it was something fresh, it was something innovative, a breath of fresh air and an injection of new life to the then dying, boring and monotonous gospel music scene in Ghana. Unknowingly, either by design or perhaps God engineered, you became the face of something new and different. Chattering a new path that will be walked by the many likes of you.

With this fresh approach, the Ghanaian Christian community could experience a different expression of worship brewed from ingredients grown on our own soil and yet with an international flavor and appeal.
Whether it was songs done in our local dialects like “Mini Mafe,” “Se Yesu” or English, your rendition just made listening to Ghanaian produced gospel music the pina colada of music.

For me, this was a huge paradigm shift and it was more than a blessing to be in the mix, to be in wave of the generation after you witnessing history unfolding right before my eyes.
I bought all your albums; Positive Change – 1995, This Time 1996 and I Believe – 2006, your songs “In your presence” was always on repeat, it took me to heights of a worship experience that can’t express with words.

Just like the Queen of Sheba told the great King Solomon, “Happy are your men and happy are these your servants.” One of the cardinal signs of your greatness could be seen from how those who worked closely with you on your music team have also become great in their own right. The likes of Joe Mettle, Denzel Agyeman-Prempeh, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto (Koda), Ewurama Koda just to mention a few.

Fast forward, I begun having this rare encounters where songs will come to me either by lyrics or melody and whenever I thought no one will listen I look up to how your life and ministry has blessed many beyond the shores of Ghana and I will say to myself something like “Uncle Danny was courageous to follow his call and started a new wave of Ghanaian contemporary gospel.” That kept me writing, observing, learning and most importantly believing that one day I could share these songs with the world.

This is far from a eulogy but rather a memoir of fond memories of how a life can touch another life from afar. Although the natural deposition is to mourn, your legacy points us to celebrating a life well lived for God and for a cause. It serves as a catalyst for many to pursue purpose. Uncle Danny you have walked the path, you have run the race and you have lived for a cause.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and now a victors crown awaits you!

A life you touched from afar,
JC Mantey


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