Mainstream music, a.k.a. those songs played via radio over and over and over again, is geared towards the paying customers – the kids.
As a Private party DJ, I can tell you the kids do not want nothing but the pop of Lady Gaga or the screaming metal/Emo unless it is the vulgar cussing rap hip hop. With the exception of some Lady Gaga style pop and clean hip hop, we refuse to play for the kids over half of what they want to hear.

Indie music is a great way to discover some truly good tunes and bands, but it is over saturated with copy cats thinking they will make it if they ‘sound like” so and so. Wrong! The ones that will make it are the ones whom have a sound and image that is theirs. And Those are the ones I listen to.

The above paints a good picture of the current music landscape worldwide and also across all music genre’s, our dearly loved Gospel music industry has not been left untouched by this epic music revolution.
Every industry undergoes some revolution at some point or the other however the music industry had not seen such change in a long time and it’s been welcomed by listeners more than “the industry experts” who for years have built empires around this Methuselah structure.
In my humble opinion, this is a welcoming news to the Gospel music genre and sub genres. Come to think of it, every Gospel music either fits the description of “a message from our heavenly father to His beloved children” or “our gift of worship/praise to a loving father,” right?
That said, indie music presents a great channel to get that message out there rather than the huge filtration placed on the music genre in the past. Some people argue that the filtration process helped separate the desired from the undesirable plus the added benefit of reaching the masses.
Really? If the purpose of Gospel music stands out clearly like we discussed earlier on then who are we to determine what message needs to be heard or not, it’s up to God’s people to discern his message for whichever season they find themselves.
I’m throwing a huge invite to all who love Gospel and indie music and also to all my buddies who are so stuck to the old music dispensing machine lol. SEPTEMBER is here<< be the first to listen to a FRESH SOUND & MESSAGE from heaven!
Come and taste some real soul food, “Exclusively Music For The Thirsty Soul.” Take a >>>SNEEK LISTEN<<< at the video below!




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