I run to you – {Spoken Word} – By Alvin Slaughter!

I love you God
You make me strong
God is the bedrock under my feet
The castle in which I live
My rescuing Knight

My God, the high crag
Where I run for dear life
Hiding behind the boulders
Safe in the granite hideout

I sing to God
The praise lofty
And find myself safe and saved

The hangman’s noose was tied at my throat
Devil waters rushed over me
Hell’s ropes cinched me tight
Death traps bared every exit

A hostile world!
But I called to God
I cried to God to help me
From his palace He hears my call
My cry brings me right into his presence
A private audience

See He caught me
And reached all the way from sky to sea
He pulled me out that ocean of hate
That enemy of chaos
The void in which I was drowning
They hit me when I was down
But God stuck by me

He stood me up on a wide open field
I stood there saved surprised to be loved

God made mylife complete when I placed
All the pieces before Him
When I got my act together
He gave me a fresh start

Now I’m alert to God’s ways
I don’t take God for granted
Everyday I review the ways He works
I try not to miss anything

I feel put back together
And I’m watching my step
God rewrote the text of mylife
when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes

Suddenly! God you flood light mylife
I’m blazing with glory, God’s glory!
I smash the bands of marauders
I vault the highest fences

What a God!
His road stretches straight and smooth
Every God direction is road tested
Everyone who runs toward Him
Makes It

I run to you!


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