Celebrating Honor!

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Kingdom Life

After a really tiring week, I sat at the dinner table reflecting on “what a week” it has been, the earthquake that was 5.8 record high and now a category 3 hurricane Irene that is due to hit the entire northeast coast over the weekend.I knew from then this weekend was going to be an “all indoor affair”, I thought of you reading this blog and my commitments to helping people maintain Godly ideals in a morally challenged world.
In these next few minutes, we shall talk about “CELEBRATING HONOR!” In order to digest this well, hope you will agree as I we may have to start this the classroom style.
Celebrating Men and Women of Honor
Honor or Honour derived from the Latin word honor is the evaluation of a person’s trustworthiness and social status based on that individual’s espousal and actions.
Put differently, honor is a thing or person that brings credit as a result of their actions and interaction with others. Most of us did see the movie “Men of Honor” which is a movie based on a true life story of Carl Brashear. It screened in theaters in the year 2000, if you did not see it, I will urge you to make it a point to watch it.
In a short recap, the movie involved a young Negro who entered the navy with a seven grad education, on leaving for the navy his dad gave him a word. He said “son, where you are going it’s not going to be easy, there would be tough days ahead yes they will come but son you have to promise me one thing. If it gets hard don’t quit on me.”
During the recruit they were promised of a big future with the U.S. Navy, yet that was soon to become a dream relegated to cooking and washing pans in the ship. Carl challenged the status quo and that led to his transfer to the Search and Rescue division.
Racial Caucasians at the time couldn’t come to grasp with the fact that a Negro will matriculate into a Master diver with them. They programmed obstacles into his way to deliberately fail him, and yet he triumphed over every one of them and made his class.
One day after yet another brutal rescue operation he lost one of his legs while saving a colleague; as a matter of fact that meant the end of his Naval Career, he being inspired by the stories of pilots who have returned to active duty after being amputated requested he be given a similar opportunity to prove himself once more.
A mate of his who has rose the ranks to Captain wouldn’t want to see this happen, through the pressures of others he was allowed a Naval court hearing at which his final fate was to be decided.
The captain said to him, there is no place for you in the Navy, as an amputee you would have to go on retirement. Carl Brashear responded, “Captain Hunks, I have spent most of my life in the Navy trying to succeed, however my quest has come to a great personal lost to those who love me, they too have made sacrifices. They too have endured great pain to support me, if I walk these twelve steps today, reinstate me to active duty. Give me my career back let me finish it and go home in peace!”
Carl continues “To me the Navy is not a business, the Navy has many traditions and in my career I have experienced most of them, some good and some bad. However, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for our greatest tradition of all” The puzzled Captain Hunks asks “and which one is that?”
Carl Brashear replies “Honor Sir!”
His act of courage and seeking what is honorable, won him the admiration of all ensembles at the Navy court presiding over his matter. Fact has it that in 1968, Carl Brashear became the first amputee in U.S. Navy history to return to full, active duty. Two years later, he became the first African-American to become a Master Diver. He did not retire from the Navy for another nine years.
Isn’t it amazing how a single life desiring honor and the need to honor a promise made to a deceased father could alter the course of history.
My question at this point is, if there is so much gratification in attaining honor, why is honor not celebrated? This question is of much concern to me as I hail from a country which has over the years been labeled with the tag “A nation that does not honor its heroes.”
And we all know the consequence of this as summarized in the adage “Any Nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” Below, I share I few points on why people don’t celebrate honor.
Familiarity be-little’s honor: Like the old saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt”, yeah, that’s so right “familiarity breeds’ contempt.” We have often denied honor to people who deserved it especially when they were our own. We allow past familiarity with people to distort our appreciation of their present honor. Matt 13: 57
Pride: Pride is a danger in many conditions of life; it has held many “would be greats” in a state of hibernation. Nobody encapsulates this principle better than Jesus did; he said “do unto others as you wish they do unto you.”
It couldn’t have been said any better, pride puts lots of people into a hypnotized state of thinking nobody can do anything better than they and it refuses to see the good in others no matter what.
Even among husband and wife, pride deprives them from acknowledging the good in each other, one party wants only their suggestions to be heard or taken into account all the time.
Ingratitude: The state of ingratitude has turned more blessings into a curse for those who take with their right and give back ungratefulness on their left. This is all because they refuse to honor those who have is small, big and diverse ways helped them at one point or the other.
Now the best part, yes it’s reserved for you who have read to end, you too are deserving of honor for making it to the end. For us to give and receive honor we need to possess three vital qualities; that is Humility, Revelation of who people truly are on the inside not what outward appearance contradicts and finally, disregard for popular opinions.
Don’t wait till the next big occasion to celebrate and honor people in your life, the catch is they may not be alive before the next big occasion. Begin from today, become a person that celebrates honor in the life of others!
A person of honor acknowledges and celebrates the honor in the life of others! – JC Mantey (2011)


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