The Call My Answer (TCMA)The Call My Answer (TCMA) Project was definitely an exciting project that has forever left such good memories. I had put off doing anything about my music for years, I kept writing songs and singing whenever the opportunity presented itself but I guess the hold off was all about “stepping out of the boat.”

The journey bringing me to this project I will later blog about since it’s a unique story in itself. Wow! I can now see myself taking a deep fresh breathe and thanking God for finally seeing the product of my obedience come through, The Call My Answer (TCMA) Project is Out Now!

TCMA Project is my maiden album, it’s a Trio-Track EP containing three wonderful songs; Doubting Castle, I Can’t Runaway Anymore and I’m So Ready. Like they say Extra! Extra! Read all about it right here on this blog , click the link below

Join me to bring and to carry on the wings of the Holy Spirit a message for our generation and beyond through “Music of The Gospel!”

  1. kyrian777 says:

    Light the light of the glorious gospel of the Lord shine forth through out the earth. Thanks for sharing!

  2. JC Mantey says:

    Amen Kyrian! To God be all the glory!!!!

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