Multimedia In The Church

Multimedia In The Church

It was the early part of the year 2005 and we had just closed from our regular home cell meeting when I was approached by Honorable Aja Wentum.  “I heard you’re into technology and this computer stuff?” Yes honorable was my response, he continued, the church is considering introducing multimedia into our worship and I want you to be part of the team.

Prior to this I was a disappointed choir drop out, I badly wanted to be part of the choir but my schedules never favored it. So when this offer came I didn’t have to think twice as I wanted something to do in the house of God. And since this fell within my domain of expertise I gladly accepted.

The subsequent weeks after receiving this news were a series of meetings with other team members and the church’s chief of staff. The discussions were centered on having a vision for the team and accountability. This meeting with the chief of staff was brief yet straight to the point; your outfit from today will oversee all multimedia issues for the church, your head will report to me and you guys report to him. Work together and develop a vision and how you will achieve that, draw up your budget and let me know all that is required to get you started, oh and make sure to take minutes at each meeting I will be interested in that.

Click on this link to download the full report.

  1. Doh Freeman Selase says:

    I am not suprise at all. Infact with what I’ve seen and lived with for years I can confidently say this is just the begining. Congrat bro.

  2. JC Mantey says:

    Thank you Freeman Doh, i believe you enjoyed this piece, expect many more articles to come.

  3. Kwame says:

    Minister Jessie, you got me all inspired. Man I got to do what I got to do for the Lord. Bless you…

  4. JC Mantey says:

    Amen Kwame, pursuing a Godly vision makes the world a better place and guess what it counts for eternity as well!!! Bless u

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