On one of my journeys in search of information for a subject I was researching, I came across a series of teaching by Dr. Frank Garlock. It was one of those videos you didn’t want to go past, being curious enough to watch the first video. I proceeded to the next until I watched the 7th part.

This blog will do you much good if you have a little background of Dr. Frank Garlock. Garlock is an evangelical minister; in the early parts of 1970 he traveled to high schools preaching about “the evils of rock and roll.Dr. Garlock has accomplished a lot as musician, playing with a symphony orchestra as a boy and studying at the Eastman School of Music.

“Christian Music? or Satan’s Music?” what does this mean to the Christian Music Industry and the gospel musician? Dr. Garlock presents his material with such passion and zeal in a way that one will want to trash all their Christian music that has anything rock or rock like influence.

Having watched till the last video, I could conclude it’s a presentation that underlines the words, what are you listening to and who are you allowing to minister to your spirit. Craig Lewis of EX Ministries has done too much work on influence of music for me to try to do so in this blog. The other part of Garlock’s presentation I believe speaks to gospel musicians and ministers to examine their whys; motives and style of presentation as they write and publish a song.

As Christians we should see music from two lenses, music that honors God and music that honors Satan. In the bid of most Christian artists trying to live out Apostle Paul’s saying “I make myself all things to all men that I may win some for Christ,” have lost sight of the ancient landmarks between what’s Godly and what is secular.

In the end, our music to God should be grounded in His nature and personality, the exaltation of Christ and the posture and motive of ministers’ heart should lean people towards God. (Matthew 7:6, Psalm 144:9, Psalm 147:1, Psalm 95:2, Judges 5:3, Amos 5:23, Amos 6:5)

I came across these guidelines for Christian Music which I think is worth looking at. Example it says…

  • Christian music should praise the lord Jesus Christ — not man
  • Christian music is for the Lord — not the world
  • Christian music should emphasis the message — not the music, nor the musician

Read further at this link http://www.av1611.org/cqguide.html

Also are various links to the presentations by Dr. Garlock used in this blog




A Response to Dr. Frank Garlock’s Teaching About Praise




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